Episode 4: An Interview with the producers of the New Living Expo

The New Living Expo is an annual event in san francisco that draws thousands of people to celebrate natural, green living. Thousands of booths stan side to side to promote the best of healthy living. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

The New Living Expo, formerly known as The Whole Life Expo, has become a signature event in the Bay Area. Attendees mingle with like-minded people, connecting with the evolving human empowerment movement as well as those working on healing our global community, and ourselves. It remains the must-attend, integrative event for exploring possibilities and learning the latest breakthroughs in science and alternative medicine. This show offers vast networking opportunities to “meet and greet” while enjoying the new discoveries for restoring the body, heightening the mind, and awakening the spirit.
If you’re interested in living a healthier, longer life, while looking and feeling younger, goin
g green for the sake of the planet, or learning how to attract what you want into your life-you will not be disappointed. We believe knowledge is power. The more informed we are, the better equipped we are to make educated choices and live consciously and sustainably now and in the future.

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What’s next for this episode:

  • This episode will be airing LIVE! on channel 26, PBS local SF bay area on monday, march 23rd!
  • Another episode will be featuring Corinna Kaufman, her life story and her book (from the same interview) – going onto youtube THIS WEEK!


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