What’s Next? Cafe Del Souuuul!

“Real Men eat meat, I don’t eat chick food”.

That’s what my guy friends say when it comes to places like Cafe Del Soul. It is a funny saying, yes. But as far as healthy, filling and tasty, Cafe Del Soul has it all – minus the grease and post-burger phlemy-bubbly-queasy sensation.

I first heard of Cafe Del Soul when I was in high school. A good friend of mine suggested smoothies one hot summer evening. Back then it was largely a smoothie-based shop, and that’s all I knew of it.. The name clearly stood out, although I do remember that it did not roll off the tongue so smoothly: deL souL, Suffice it to say, we were young, car-less and on the other side of town, so we never made it there that night.

Later on in my high school career I tried to get a job there. As many have experienced, they gave me the typical “we’ll give you a call” without the actual call back. That didn’t stop me from going there though, as I lived five minutes away and enjoyed the food. Since then the place has been through many changes, from the ambiance to the menu.

Today, the Souuuuul here is absolutely thriving.

I’m not someone who eats here all too frequently. I like to enjoy good healthy organic food on occasion. What gets to me is how healthy eating there makes me feel as well as  it’s convenient, yet hidden location.  It sits off of the Stinson beach exit in the Tam junction area of Mill Valley. Squished between Starbucks and Domino’s pizza, it still has the presence to thrive and stand out. The unique set up lets you breathe. The chairs and tables outside are attention grabbing and the atmosphere inside is JUST incredible. High ceilings and windows, light colors, often inspiring paintings on the walls. Wood floors, counters and tables. Lots of couches and cushions. Ambient music often playing in the background. As far as atmosphere goes, Cafe Del Soul gets an A+! But enough of that, let’s hear what they have to say about themselves…

our mission is to uplift others with a greater sense of being. we do that by creating a welcoming space & by serving great tasting, healthy food that’s simply delicious & fun to eat.

…And i definitely say that’s good enough for me!

The food, is probably where the article should of begin. But build up is essential. At last I have arrived at the point where it will make it or break it. Now I’m a daredevil eater, cow tongue and chicken feet are no strangers to me, so whole green wraps and tomato soups don’t intimidate me. However their surprising WHOLESOMENESS is what attracts me here. Many people cannot find satisfaction in greens because they are just not filling. What Cafe Del Soul seems to do exceptionally well is to wrap together foods that work well AND get you full enough not to consider the In N Out Burger down the road.

Each dish at Cafe Del Soul has its own unique identity, a name that suits the flavors you’re likely going to pick up. My favorite dish is called the Mediterranean Muse Wrap, (all wraps come with the option of chicken or tofu, and they well ask). Cranberries, feta cheese, greens, chicken, hummus, all wrapped up into a delicious bundle. It really is something to bite into.

Victoria and I plan to get the lowdown and history and philosophy behind the place with owners Reggie and China. Stay tuned, and here’s more to learn about this wonderful little gem!

Some wonderful things to know about your cafe:

  1. all dishes are prepared with organic produce, rice, beans, broths & spices.
  2. all soups & vinaigrette’s are original recipes and made fresh daily.
  3. all dishes can be made vegan, please specify when ordering.
  4. all dishes are made with love.
  5. we reserve the right to serve everyone.

Images & quoted Text Courtesy to http://www.cafedelsoul.net – Thank You!

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Written by A.Kochero
Edited by A. Steinmetz


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  1. 03/30/2009 at 11:36 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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