What’s Next? Get Pretty Naturally with Milvali Cosmetics

Tomorrow, Victoria and I are heading out with our cameras not far from where I live, to one of the Milvali Salons in, …YOU GOT IT! Mill Valley. It’s located right in the heart of our cute downtown, next to a Cici’s Gelateria and Stephano’s Pizza, and across the street from famous Pearl’s Burgers. Upon entering, its not hard to see that the salon is very chic, clean and very friendly, and very PASSIONATE. The walls are a fiery red that will heat you up real fast.

The city sure did make a name for itself… via cosmetics.

I have had my hair cut there twice or three times, and I am impressed with the quality of service. I came in one time with a photo of some girl with hair that i liked, and an hour or so later, It was on my head. I was very pleased with how it turned out, for the very affordable and standard price of a salon haircut: $65. VERY well worth it.

Milvali Salon and Cosmetics is known for its excellent customer service and innovative salon services. We are a full service salon with an exclusive cosmetics line focusing on botanical skincare and all natural mineral make-up. Cruelty free products, expertise waxing, professional make up artists and cutting edge hairstylists are what makes Milvali unique. We are proud to present our newest product:  Kerastase! You can now purchase our products at Pacific Tan as well.  But don’t take our word for it: See what Yelp and CitySearch have to say about us!

– Milvali.com

I haven’t looked much into their make up line, so I’m excited to interview the owners tomorrow, and you will hear from us shortly, and see some of us as well.  Here is what we’re hearing of it, though! See you sooon.

So my friend was turning the big 3-0 and instead of doing the usual bar or dinner thing we opted to go to Milvali for one of the pretty parties that we’ve heard so much about. Wow let me tell you all the girls were extremely talented and soooo much fun! We walked in and were immediately excited by the atmosphere.The salon is really cute and they had prepared a spread of yummy cheeses,crackers and fruit  not to mention the the wine, the ladies kept our glasses full and had other options for our friend who does not drink. It was a night to remember and a great kick off for my friend.Believe me she was glowing when we left and we all  looked beautiful! The night got even better when we saw the  responses we were getting from all the cuties we saw when we left! I would recommend a Milvali to anyone who wants to look and feel amazing! – A YELP! Testimonial

Written by A.Kochero


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