Are you Solution orientated, or focused on problems in your Life?

Are you identifying others through their problems, or their true Nature?

Do you want to live with, great inner Peace?”Emergence into the fullness of life IS life…and life at its most brilliant. Unifying one’s mind and body can lift man spiritually”.

Experiential coaching:
Designed for anyone seeking to know themselves and others better, to understand themselves and the people they communicate with, to get in touch with emotions, both their own and those of others, and to practice identifying the underlying causes.To reconize our needs, express our feelings attached to the need, and to express them with empathy.

A powerful method to access and live at your core essence, where you will find your greatest potential. Living an authentic, conscious life.

“My intention is to help you balance your life into one of peace and happiness


We often take for granted, that our children will be successfull, but in a world that, at best, seem to be spinning out of control around us, we should pay close attention to our childrens futures. This is one of my greatest passions and my purpose. I have always been in awe of the vast amount of human energy, that is going to waste, and the method to how it is used on all levels in our relationships, with each other. Human potential energy, is our greatest asset – an unrecognized resource. When using the super-conscious part of the brain versus the conscious part, all problems cease to exist. For example: expansion of energy, as opposed to contraction, as a result leads one to higher aspirations in life, also via solution orientation opposed to being problem focused.

Subsconcious Conscious Superconscious

matter energy spirt
reactivecreativeattuned to divine will
distorts/personal objective/analytical intuitive/impersonal
habit-oriented problem-oriented solution-oriented
resists change short-sighted change long-term change
ignores life separates life integrates life
life as avoidance life as involvement life as evolution
sense-determined sense-confined sence-transcendent
lethargic/unhappy tense/restless peaceful/joyful
least effort increased energy greater awareness
What happened? What’s in it for me? How can I help?
base of brainmidbrain front of brain
eyes downward eyes straight ahead eyes upward

The minutes are more important than the years”. It is our immediate level of awareness rather than our long range goals that determines our rate of growth. The circumstances of our daily lives are not accidental, but important lessons particularly suited to our current level of development.
We can choose to cooperate with the flow of evolution or resist it. Cooperation involves an even-minded and cheerful response to life’s challenges, appreciating them as necessary steps in our growth toward higher consciousness. In choosing to avoid challenges, in effect, we seek to resist the tide of expanding awareness. This approach drains us of our energy and enthusiasm for life.
When we become preoccupied with the specific outcomes of our actions, we create tension in ourselves and lose sight of the expansion of awareness that is in the real purpose of all activity. The evolution of awareness at the human level can be divided into four stages: truth-sharing, truth-seeking, self-centered, and morally handicapped.

Compassion vs. empathy:

When you show compassion for someone, you’re giving them a gift. You are, in fact, endorsing them for what they feel and what they face. Whether you’ve been there or not, whether you understand fully what they’re going through or not, doesn’t matter. You’re giving them the gift of understanding, of love, of acceptance and endorsement.

Empathy, on the other hand, is more of a passive approach to caring which, while useful, doesn’t give the recipient all that much. To develop compassion for others, one must fully develop compassion for themselves, their faults, their limitations, and their failiures. When one can make oneself right or make the universe right for what they’ve had to go through and even laugh and enjoy it as a memory, one can then grant others a similar level of acceptance. Compassion is an essential skill in coaching, but one that can’t be be all that experienced until one is healed. Compassion occurs when one has no need whatsoever to compare or feel threatened or influenced by the other person’s concerns. If we see oruselves in someone else and we are afraid of that we see, it’s difficult to feel compassion for them.

Compassion vs. foregiveness:

  • Compassion is who you are. Foregiveness is something that you grant if you are a compassionate person.
  • Compassion vs judging:

Compassion is a gift to another when judgment, reaction or anger could be justified. One can have extensive boundaries yet still have compassion. One has compassion for the other person’s humanity. One develops compassion when they consider themselves as big as they feel thay should be and are not threatened by the other person’s smallness. Judging is what you do when the other person brings up a piece of yourself that you have not fully included or embarced. People judge in order to win. People have compassion because it feels good to grant forgiveness with grace.

Competence vs experience:

  • Competence = experience + mastery.
  • Experience = time + practice.

There is a difference!

Ego vs mind:

Ego is the energy production system that we developed just to make it through the rearing process. The mind takes continual snapshots of everything that occurs and files them in order to protect our bodies from death. Whenever we get close to a potentially threatening situation, our mind will stop us, as a protectrive measure.

Embrace vs. merge:

  • When you embrace something, you can still remain distinct. When you merge, you become the same.


Articulating what’s occurring vs reporting what happened:

As human beings we generally report what happened rather than articulate what’s occurring right now, mostly because we don’t have the skills we need to articulate. To have the skills to say what they’re feeling and sensing and wanting in this very moment, this very second, so that they’re sharing with you, rather than just reporting. What you’ll find, is that new things, and new truths will occur, and it’s those that need to be. I believe one answer to a huge world problem, is to educate parents, so they may be able to raise happy, responsible, self-reliant children, so the children will grow to become productive, happy, responsible and loving adults. Is it not our responsibility as parents to guide, inspire and nurture our children? In order to do this, we need the skills and techniques, to allow our children to live to their fullest potential.

“The true test of ones character, is long after the emotion has passed, that one stays with the problem to see it through completion”.

More at www.passionpurpose.com


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  1. 03/28/2009 at 2:29 pm

    A good amazing reading on life there. Thanks.

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