Who is Peter Joseph and how did Zeitgeist come to be?

Peter was born in North Carolina to a middle class family. He later moved to new York initially to attend art school. Currently he lives and works in NYC as a freelance film editor/composer/producer for various industries.

Zeitgeist came into existence as a personal project which was shown in New York as a free public awareness expression. After the event was over, “The Movie” was tossed online with little thought given to a public response. Within a month, the film was getting record views. Months later, the “Final Edition” was completed. In total, the views for “Zeitgeist, The Movie” have exceeded 50,000,000 on Google video alone. Considering the other posts in different formats, along with public screenings, it is estimated that the total world views are well over 100 Million.

In October 2008, Zeitgeist Addendum was released as a continuation of the first film, focusing on the core issues relevant to the subject of human corruption, while in turn offering a solution. As of two months after it’s release online, the average daily views have been 50 k, making a total of 3mil views total thus far.

Is Peter Joseph a fake name?

No, this isn’t true. There has been a propoganda campaign agains the project from various sources, one of which took the name GMP LOC and blindly punched it into a business database in NY and came up with the name James Coyman from upstate NY. What they didn’t realize is that GMP, LLC is a reference entity from our registrar and is not the GMP LLC of James Coyman. We apologize to James Coyman if he has been bothered. However, peter Joseph is Peter’s first and middle name. He has chosen to keep his family name unpublicized due to his on going free lance work which he uses to fund The Movement, while also in the gesture of protecting his family from the many threads he has recieved since the first film came out.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement?

The Zeitgeist Movement is a grass roots campaign to unify the world through a common ideology based on the fundamentals of life and nature. This movement ignores politics, religion and the like, and instead attempts to communicate how all humans are the same at the fundamental level and how it is time we start to work together on a global scale to end the seemingly perpetual conflict and suffering in our current world society.

Who funded / created the films exactly?

Peter funded the films with personal funds generated from his commercial work.

Some say the film attacks Christians. What is your response to this?

The idea that the film is against any group is a fallacy. The only thing the film addresses is ideology and beliefs. Sadly, many don’t realize that one’s ideology is not them. We are emergent beings and everything we believe is taught to us one way or another. Therefore to say the film is attacking “Christians” is about as absurd as saying the film attacks people with baseball caps. This is a serious problem in our society, for identity is erroneously associated with belief. Once again, propagandists against the project use this idea that the film “attacks” a group in order to try and manipulate their surroundings into not thinking critically about the information. The same kind of propaganda has materialized where the project has been called “new world order”, “satanic” “marxist” and other irrational, thoughtless distinctions not worth bringing up.

Written by Zeitgeist the Movie The Zeitgeist Movement

More information:

Zeitgeist on WIKIPEDIA | The Zeitgeist Movement


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