An Interview with Dr. Joan, the Miracle Maker

What’s your name? Tell me about yourself.

I am Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS. I am an author, speaker, visionary, a healer, chiropractor and Intuitive Psychic Consultant. I practiced as a chiropractor for over twenty years in Berkeley and I am currently practicing in Novato. I’ve lived in Novato 10 years

Why did you write this book?

I wrote my book to inspire others who might be going through loss, upheaval, emotional or financial devastation.

What is the primary point of the book?

Primary point is that no matter what your life circumstance, you are not a victim, and you can apply certain techniques and strategies to redesign your life and overcome challenges and obstacles.

Give me an overview of the book.

I share the story of how I lost everything including the kitchen sink, and as a single mother of two children, 8 and 10,, we formed a very unique club to help us get back on our feet. The club was called the Miracle Makers Club, and from that the three of us were able to change our life and literally have miraculous experiences in our recovery.

What moments from your life are most memorable?

Discovering that I can share my experiences in a way that inspires others. I have been a healer my entire life, and the healings I have seen, and the transformations, are the best.

What would you want the readers of your book to understand from reading your book?

You have the power to create a life that fulfills your dreams, and launches miracles for you and your family.

Take any section from your book and share your thoughts about that?

I love the article that I wrote for the SF Examiner that appears in the beginning of the book. The article was entitled, Its Tough to Be Poor and Even Tougher for Marin County. I wrote the article because I wanted the middle and upper class here in Marin to understand, through the eyes of one who had recently been wealthy and lost it all, what it really felt like to be hungry and homeless. I hoped to spread compassion and understanding.

Who would benefit most from reading your book?

Right now, almost everyone, in particularly anyone going through a personal life, financial, family or health issues.

If you could give to others only one word of advice what would that be?

Start listening to your intuition.

What do you value most in life?

I am so grateful to be alive, to be healthy, to live in this most beautiful county, to have two beautiful and loving children and supportive friends.

Do you believe that people are inherently good or bad?

I believe we all have the possibility of creating miracles and positive lives. My fantasy is to spread goodness seeds, so they are catching.

What is your greatest regret?

I wish i had been able to help more people, change more lives, give more value.

What do you see as your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement has been to follow my personal inner calling, listen to my intuition, and follow my dream

How do you deal with someone you don’t like?

I step back and re assess my own thinking, as they may be my mirror

What do you feel you are entitled to in life?

Health, wealth and happiness should I choose to accept

What’s your favourite song?

59th street Bridge

What are your feelings regarding ‘God’ and religion?

I believe in spirit and in following the inner calling. We can all hear god, we can all connect with spirit, we don’t need religion. Religion to me is a prescribed way of approaching the heart, through intermediaries. We all have the ability, within us, to access the highest of powers.

How do you personally define “Right” from “Wrong”?

Right is right because it either helps, or serves, makes people feel better, is good for all concerned. WRong hurts, wrong destroys, wrong separates. Of course its all in the perspective.

What is your motto?

We all have the ability to be Miracle Makers!

What are your goals in life?

To heal and inspire millions of people to live life fully, with integrity, service and a sense of oneness.

What keeps you on track with those goals?

People, places, things, my clients, my kids, my plants

What is your favourite compliment?

You’ve inspired me!

Chapter 2 of The Miracle Maker’s Club AUDIO: Chapter Two


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