Coming soon: Interview with Debra Giusti

deb1Debra Giusti-Rose

A native of Sebastopol, California, Debra was a senior at Sonoma State University when she conceived the idea of a Spring Harmony Festival as a way to share information on all manner of Sixties and New Age ideas: holistic health, spiritualism, organic foods, ecology, sustainable agriculture, and psychic phenomenon.

This idea expanded and evolved into the first Health & Harmony Music and Arts Festival (in 1978)–with a progressive grassroots emphasis on holistic healing, personal growth, environmental, health, conservation issues, music, the arts and harmonious living within a global society.

Debra birthed, nurtured, and sustained the Festival as a spiritual mission to present and share those progessive thoughts through the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties; the ideas embraced by the Health and Harmony Festival spread and are now accepted by the mainstream public as desired and needed alternatives.

My goal has always been to create a utopia of what’s possible in life, if only for just a couple of days.”

For over 20 years, Debra has worked 80-hour weeks to produce and prepare for the event. Her first serious indication that she was perhaps doing too much came in 1995, when she discovered a lump on her breast that turned out to be cancer.

“It was a lesson for me…I was not honoring myself and keeping myself in balance.” Debra overcame the cancer with traditional and non-traditional therapies, and resolved to stop depleting herself for the sake of the festival she loves.

Two years ago she created created a non-profit organization — the Association for the Creative Endeavor — to produce the event, and began inviting the community to pitch in. “I’ve been getting some great people coming forward. It’s such an incredibly important event. I hope the community will embrace it.”

DEBRA GIUSTI has had a successful 30 year career as an entrepreneur, event/festival producer, dancer/dance teacher and spiritual adventurer.  After getting a BA in Dance and Massage Therapy, in 1977-78 she founded Health & Harmony Festival, Spirit of Christmas Crafts Faire, The Well Being Community Center and the Well Being Community Newspaper. In 1978 she also founded and grew for 15 years Wishing Well Distributing Co., distributing over 3000 health and new age products and videos nationally, and sold it in 1979.  She successfully produced the Harmony Festival, Spirit of Christmas Crafts Faire for 25 years until 2004, then she established a dynamic production team to continue to produce both events. Since 1978, she has also produced many other community events such as Community Networking Exchange, Sonoma Single Soiree, and hosted prominent nationally known speakers through Harmony Events. Debra’s personal passion for spiritual evolvement keeps her on the cutting edge of the human potential/spirituality movement and allows her to continue to provide information, resources and transformational events around personal and planetary evolvement.

Her experience includes Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Belly Dance, African, Samba, Salsa, Bollywood, Ball Room Dance, Sacred Dance, Erotic Dance, Improvisation and healing movement disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Super Slow Weight Lifting, Continiuum, NIA, Passion Dance, Trance Dance, Soul Motion, Tantra, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. One of her missions is to share dance as a creative, healing and joyous, spiritual art form.


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