Ana is a Russian born, SF Bay Area local artist who dabbles in different arts all over the place. She has been drawing and painting since the age of 2, and has been doing classical fine arts with the help of many Russian teachers all ove rhte bay area. As soon as computers became the next big thing, Ana realized she had to apply her artistic talents in the graphic arts. After learning all the tools, she decided to stay in the digital arts field, doing graphic and web design. Ana decided to work with Victoria editing video to further expand her limits. She attended California State Summer School of the Arts in 2004, won awards for her documentary in highschool titled “IF I WERE EMPEROR” with Tamalpais Highschool’s prestegious AIM program, and her work was hung up in Governor Schwartzennegger’s Art Halls titled “Unite”, also in 2004. She took classes at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University (AAU) and plans to attend SFSU with a visual communications major. You may see her work at or her resume at

You can contact Ana about the  blog or future job opportunities at

Thank you!


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